About Jim’s Plus

What is Jim’s Plus?

Jim’s Plus is Australia’s newest online lead platform – powered by Jim’s Group.

It’s the simpler, fairer and more cost-effective way for contractors to get quality leads. And it’s a place for customers to find service providers they can trust.

How does Jim’s Plus work for contractors?

After setting up your account and bidding limits, you’ll be ready to receive new and relevant leads – straight to your mobile.

You then have up to two hours to get back to that customer to organise a quote. (But of course, the sooner you contact them, the higher your chances of converting the lead!)

And remember: when you receive a new lead, you have exclusive access to that lead for the full two hours. No unwanted competition to force down your fair prices.

How does Jim’s Plus work for customers?

When you have a job that needs doing, you can search for a service provider on Jim’s Plus for free. You’ll then be presented with up to four top-rated, pre-screened contractors in your area to choose from.

After you view each of their ratings and reviews, simply make your selection – and then kick back as your chosen provider gets back to you within two hours to organise a quote.


For service providers

How do I sign up to Jim’s Plus?

If you’re a contractor, select ‘I WANT LEADS – and follow the steps outlined.

When do I pay for a lead, and how much?

Your first three leads are free when you enter your credit card details on sign up.

After that, you pay for the lead as the lead is sent to you.

If you don’t have funds in your account at that time, you still receive the lead, but wouldn’t receive more until it’s paid for.

You are in control of how many leads you receive and when you receive them.

Lead fees vary depending on the service. To find out the lead fee for the service you offer, please call 1300 462 589.


What if I don’t have the right licences?

It’s best to leave services you don’t have the right licences for off your profile. That’s because you’re liable for the services you provide – and any related issues that may arise.

What happens if Jim’s Plus receives a customer complaint?

We review all complaints objectively. Only those that are considered unreasonable may be deleted by the Jim’s Plus team. To have your input in this decision, contact us via jim@jims.net.

If we receive a complaint, you can contact the customer directly to try fix the issue. You’ll also have the chance to ask that customer to review their rating – if appropriate.

I’m a big fan of Jim, can I get his autograph?

You sure can! Simply request the autograph by completing this form.

But if you want even more, you can also download Jim’s FREE book now.


For customers


How do I find a provider on Jim’s Plus?

It’s as simple as 1-2-3:

  1. Tell us what you need. Here, you specify the job you need done, your suburb and your contact details.
  2. Choose your provider. Choose one out of four top-rated contractors to quote. You can make your selection based on star ratings, past reviews, their credentials, work guarantees and more.
  3. Wait for your provider to respond. Sit back and relax as your selected contractor gets back to you within two hours – and enjoy the simplicity of dealing with only one service provider.

Can I cancel a job and if so, how much does it cost?

If you’ve changed your mind about a job, you can cancel it – at no cost. Simply complete this form, and be sure to:

  • Type ‘Job cancellation’ in the summary box
  • Include all the details you gave your contractor (e.g. name, address, mobile) in the description box

Reviews & ratings

What is the Price (P) rating?

Expressed as a percentage, the P rating shows how satisfied customers are with a contractor’s pricing. The more people who believe their pricing is too high, the higher their P rating.

You can use the P rating button which is displayed as “Price too high” to tell us whether you believe a contractor’s prices are too high – without bringing their average service rating down.

How do I review my service provider?

Ten days after selecting a contractor to quote, we’ll send you an email asking you to review them. Then you can rate them using 1-5 stars or by hitting the “Price too high” button.

If you don’t receive the email after ten days, let us know by completing this form.