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Quality Source of Leads

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Quality leads for your business

Don’t waste time paying for leads you aren’t going to get, we already have customers waiting for you!

Quality leads for you business.

Don’t waste time paying for leads you aren’t going to get, we already have customers waiting for you!

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Quality Source of Leads

Jim’s Plus is a quality source of leads where you don’t have to discount your price compared to other multiple quote platforms.

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Become a Premium Provider

For service providers that aspire to provide a premium service and always deliver a quality job.

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Job Exclusivity

With customer exclusivity, you can compete on history of quality work and pay only when a customer chooses you to provide a quote.

  • Profitable Source of Leads

  • Become a Premium Provider

  • Job Exclusivity

How to Work

How To Work

1. Say what you do & where

Jim’s Plus only wants to send you leads that you really value. But we need your help.

In this step, you can:

  • Select the services you offer

  • Choose the suburbs you want to work in

  • Consider any related services on Jim’s Plus that you can provide

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2. Tell us when you want leads

In this step, you can:

  • Choose when you’re available to receive leads

  • Set the maximum number of leads you want per day

When you first join Jim’s Plus, you can receive up to three leads a day. However, you can elect to increase this limit once you have:

  • Been reviewed by at least four customers

  • Achieved an average rating of 4.5 stars

3. Set your bids

Now’s the time to set your maximum bid for each suburb you service – and for each service you provide.

But remember, you can change your bids at any time.

After this step, you will:

  • Only pay for a lead when you’re exclusively chosen to quote

  • Only pay the lowest bid amount as the chosen provider (if there are three or more other contractors who bid less than you)

  • Be ready to receive strong leads, build your ranking – and become the top service provider in your area

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Quality providers Quality results.

Jim’s Plus  connects customers with first-rate service providers – in the most efficient way possible.

A better way of getting your job done, on quote and on time.

We value your time and won’t bombard you with quotes, that’s why we have done the thinking for you. Choose from 4 quality providers who service your area.

Free to use

Jim’s Plus ™ will be free to use for customers who are seeking a service provider

Image of provider selection - Jim's Plus allows customers to choose the best provider for their needs

It’s simple, just choose one!

Customers only have to choose one service provider from four top rated providers

Jim's Plus Message Image - We value your feedback

We value your feedback

 Customers view and contribute to service provider reviews, rating and comments

  • Free to use

  • It’s simple, just choose one!

  • We value your feedback

How to Hire

How To Hire

1. Tell us what you need

You need a service provider – one that you can rely on. Here’s where you start your search.

In this step, you will:

  • Specify the job you need done

  • Select your suburb

  • List your contact details

Desktop image of service selection - Choose the service you want with Jim's Plus
Tablet image of Jim's Plus - specify your requirements

2. Choose your provider

This is where we do the hard work for you.

We present four top-rated local service providers who match your search criteria.

In this step, you can:

  • Choose your contractor based on their ratings, reviews and location from among the top four providers

  • Hear from your chosen provider within two hours

  • Enjoy the simplicity of dealing with only one provider

3. Tell us what you think

If you’ve had great work done, it’s time to shout it from the rooftops.

By sharing your experience, you’ll play a big part in making our community happy – and helping more customers like you find quality contractors.

In this step, you can:

  • Rate your contractor’s service out of five stars

  • Click the P-rating if appropriate

  • Write a review about your provider

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